SIEMPRE - Social Interaction Entertainment Using Music Performance

Description / Objectives

Expected results:

  1. Methodological framework
  2. Models and techniques for the measure of entrainment, contagion, co-creation
  3. Models explaining the neurophysiological foundations of creative group communication
  4. Experiments to validate the methodological framework, models, and techniques
  5. Proof-of-concepts demonstrating the potential of the research output in future ICT (e.g., "embodied" social media, Web 2.0, future user-centric media)
  6. Annotated public archive of multimodal entrainment data

Planned activities:

  1. The organization of public events, live performances, scientific workshops, and specific initiatives, proposed to top level conferences (e.g. IEEE SocialCom, ACII Intl Conferences, Intl Conference on Neuroscience and Music, Intl. Conf on Music and Emotion) and within emotion research communities (;
  2. Focused Workshops, with invited experts providing feedback and involved in the evaluation process of Deliverables at specific Milestones;
  3. Comparison of research results with companion projects in Japan (S. Hashimoto, Waseda University) and US (Stanford University, CCRMA);
  4. Scientific papers in outstanding journals (e.g., ACM, IEEE Transactions);
  5. Evaluation of proof-of-concepts with ICT and music professionals, as well as non expert participants.
  6. Neurophysiological experiments for evaluation and theoretical assessment.