SIEMPRE - Social Interaction Entertainment Using Music Performance


  1. The alpha version of the SyncTool GUI has been released to synchronize multi-modal data recorded with a SMPTE Time Code along with the experiment XML structure defined with UPF's XMLcreator tool It is available on the following link (documentation and tutorial files can be used to get started)
  2. A new version of the SIEMPRE platform is available. It includes improved EyesWeb XMI modules to support recording and playback/visualization of multimodal data (June 2012).
  3. The SIEMPRE Platform for synchronized multimodal recordings includes a new version of the EyesWeb XMI software platform. The EyesWeb XMI new version and the SIEMPRE software library are available here (16 June 2011)
  4. At the beginning of the SIEMPRE project, the Italian national newspaper "La Repubblica" published in its weekly magazine "Il Venerdì di Repubblica" an article including several photos of preparatory experiments of SIEMPRE with the Quartetto di Cremona ("Venerdì di Repubblica", 5 March 2010, pp.64-66 )
  5. Two interviews with the SIEMPRE Coordinator at the National RAI Radio3Suite and Radio3Scienza (the last during the "Italian National day of Research", 22 February 2011)