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6th EyesWeb Week
Genoa, ITALY
2nd - 6th July, 2018

EyesWeb Week 2018

The EyesWeb Week is an intensive tutorial aiming at sharing with participants the experience of the Casa Paganini - InfoMus Research Centre in the EyesWeb project.

The main focus is on the EyesWeb XMI open software platform (freely available here) for scientific and technological research and development of innovative multimodal interfaces, systems, and applications (including distributed and mobile apps) in a growing number of fields, such as therapy and rehabilitation, independent living, artistic production, active experience of cultural heritage, and education.

Download the EyesWeeb Week 2018 Programme here.

The EyesWeb Week is open to anyone interested in learning how to use Eyesweb at various expertise levels:

  • an introductory track with tutorials and guided development of multimodal applications will be given to people interested to learn how to use EyesWeb
  • an advanced track will partially cover the same topics of the introductory track then give the opportunity to learn how to extend the EyesWeb software library (requires c++ skills)
Registration to the EyesWeb Week is free of charge with limited seats please register yourself to the event here

For more information about the event, material and directions please refer to the event website here.