Casa Paganini - Infomus

Atlante del Gesto _ Genova - 2017

A project of Virgilio Sieni
including artistic exploitation of research results from the EU Horizon 2020 ICT project DANCE

20 January - 19 March 2017:
  • Intensive laboratories with Virgilio Sieni. Over 150 audience members participate to choreographic sessions to prepare the following performances:

Friday 24 March 2017:
  • 9:00pm: Di Fronte agli Occhi degli Altri with Virgilio Sieni and Giuseppe Comuniello, Casa Paganini.

Saturday 25 March 2017:
  • 4pm: Esodi - Museo di Palazzo Reale - Via Balbi, 10
  • 5:30pm: Esodi - Museo di Palazzo Reale - Via Balbi, 10

Sunday 26 March 2017:
  • 11am: Pietà / Madri e Figli, Padri e Figli - Aula Magna Università - Via Balbi, 5
  • 12am: Sospensione - Oratorio di San Filippo Neri - Via Lomellini, 12
  • 4pm: Pietà / Madri e Figli, Padri e Figli - Aula Magna Università - Via Balbi, 5
  • 5pm: Sospensione - Oratorio di San Filippo Neri, Via Lomellini, 12

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This research has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 645553 (DANCE).
DANCE investigates how affective and relational qualities of body movement can be expressed, represented, and analyzed by the auditory channel.

International Research Centre

InfoMus Lab, founded in 1984, carries out scientific and technological research, development of multimedia systems, multimodal human-computer interfaces, and applications. A main research focus is on the understanding and development of computational models of non-verbal expressive and social behavior. Cross-fertilisation of scientific, humanistic, and artistic theories characterize the research methodology. From 1997 to 2004 InfoMus Lab had a contract with the Genoa Opera House - Teatro Carlo Felice which included a lab site at the theatre and joint activities.

Since 2005, InfoMus Lab has its new premises in the recently restored monumental building of S.Maria delle Grazie La Nuova - Casa Paganini. The International Research Centre Casa Paganini - InfoMus participates in many international projects on scientific research and education, develops multimedia systems, platforms, and applications for industry partners (e.g., INTEL), and participates in artistic productions and museum projects where systems and research results are applied and validated. Casa Paganini - InfoMus studies new directions in scientific and technological research to improve quality of life (e.g., independent living, therapy and rehabilitation, leisure, sport, edutainment), to develop novel industrial applications and services (e.g., innovative interfaces and multimedia applications), to music industry and education, dance and theatre, cultural heritage (e.g., museography, support cultural heritage by means of novel user-centric media technologies).

The multimedia software platform EyesWeb, conceived, designed, and developed by Casa Paganini - InfoMus, is adopted by thousands of users worldwide for scientific research, education, and industry applications. EyesWeb was selected by INTEL in 2008 for their hardware for "independent living".