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Wireless Sensor-to-MIDI


A wireless, small, battery-equipped, easily wearable system designed to capture signals in real-time from on-body sensors. Signals are sent by this system to a remote receiver by means of a wireless radio link. A proprietary redundant data transmission protocol makes the system wireless communication robust and error-free. The receiver convert data into MIDI signals. 
System latency: less than 5ms.

The system consists of two hardware unit boxes:
  • A small data acquisition, conversion, and wireless transmission unit (to be worn on-body),
  • A receiver and converter to MIDI unit.

The transmission unit is able (in the current version) to receive up to 3 analog (e.g., FSR, accelerometers) and 5 digital (e.g., FSR used as switches) data from sensors and convert these data into a redundant proprietary protocol which can be transmitted by means of any standard commercial radiomicrophone (e.g., Nady, Senheiser). It is possible to tune sensibility thresholds for each input.

The receiver and converter to MIDI is connected to the receiver radiomicrophone output and converts received data into MIDI signals.

The system has been used in several music theatre performances and installations, including the Opera by Luciano Berio "Cronaca del Luogo", which opened the Salzburg Festival (July-August 1999).

Please note that it is not a generic wireless MIDI link (i.e., it is not a device to connect a midi keyboard by a wireless link). 

We currently do not produce in numbers this device but we use it in our projects (e.g., museums, art installations, concerts, commercial projects). We produce the system when necessary but not for direct selling. In short, we can provide services/consultancy and develop products which might include various our h/w and s/w (e.g., with our EyesWeb platform) including this wireless device.

Hardware system design by Matteo Ricchetti and Riccardo Rossi
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